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Here you will find some information about WTOS in English.

WTOS is the only student cycling club in and around Delft established in 1983. Most of the WTOS members are students at the TU-Delft but employees of the TU-Delft are also welcome to join. WTOS is composed of different groups which combined give the club almost 300 members. Among them are a group of about 50 motivated students who attend races every weekend and can be found training up to 5 times a week. Those competitive cyclists are distinguishable by the blue and grey WTOS racing colors. A very large group of our members does not have the need for racing and training frequently, they cycle for fun making tours around the countryside. Here, everybody can keep up with the pace, and the cycling is also about meeting other people and socializing. But don't be fooled by the "non competitive" image these cyclist have, during the long distance rides some of them will always imagine a finish line at random points resulting in sprints and sudden jumps.

Road training

During the summer season, the road training is held on Monday and Thursday evening. The training contains a 60km route through the dunes by the North Sea. After everybody gathers at the sports centre on the Mekelweg 8, the group will be split up into two or three groups. This split ensures that everybody can ride at the pace they want, ranging from full on race pace to just riding relaxed. The slowest group will always adapt to the slowest riders, such that nobody will be left behind.

"Rondje hoek"

During the 60km ride the first and last couple of kilometers will be used as a warming up and cooling down respectively. In between there are several occasions to practice the cycling basics like sprinting and riding in formation.

"Rondje Rottemeren"

On the thursday there will be a different lap, alongside the Rottemeren, in the direction of Gouda. Again, multiple groups will be formed according to the participants.

Mountainbike training

During the summer season a relatively small group of mountain bikers can be found honing in their skills on some of the nearby courses. The off-road training will be held every thurstday evening, and will depart from the sports centre located on the "Mekelweg 8". The training will head to three different places around Delft.

"Het Elsenburgerbos" a park nearby Rijswijk, containing nice facilities for technical orientated training. Officially it's not a mountain bike course, but you'll be amazed by the opportunities and tracks that can be found lying around. When training in this park, one of the more experienced mountain bikers will lead the training, giving everybody the opportunity to learn from each others skills. The mountain bike course of Zoetermeer, used for the European mountain biking championship last year is a physically tough course. Build on an old waste dump this course features some serious climbing and descending. It's not a technical course, but the steep short climbs following each other up rapidly make for some proper interval training. After this ferocious training the group will head back to Delft, the ride will take about 20 minutes during which you can socialize with the others ore get rid of your last energy for the day. The mountain bike course of Bergschenhoek, is the longest of the three courses (about 10 km). Build on three different waste dump hills this course features some proper climbing. Overall it's more technical than Zoetemeer and it features some longer climbs. And because the course is about 45 minutes of cycling away from Delft you won't need any warming up or cooling down. Sometimes the mountainbikers go to Broekpolder, which is located at about 13 km away from the campus. This adds lot of variety in the to be ridden tracks.

Cyclocross training

At the end of the season at the end of october when the terrain gets wet and slippery, many people switch to their cross ATB. There will be organised training sessions and many local competitions. WTOS organises the WTOS Regiocross each year at the beginning of december, where people can join in different competion categories. The training sessions usually take place behind the IKEA in Delft.

Monthly drinks and activities

Every first tuesday of the month WTOS organises a drink in the international student Café Doerak, located at Vrouwjuttenland 17, 2611 LB Delft. Next to that, activities such as bowling, movies, NYE, Go Karts, BMX cycing and pool are organised on several occassions.

Other activities

Besides the weekly training WTOS organises some other activities:

WTOS Introweekend, is the WTOS weekend to meet all new WTOS members. The weekend is usually held somewhere around october, in the Netherlands or Belgium. The weekend features plenty of road and off-road adventures. And for the competitive riders there is usually some kind of challenge and trophy to win. Of course the most important part of the weekend is getting to know everybody in the club.

WTOS KMK, is the WTOS weekend to meet all new WTOS members in the spring season. The weekend is usually held somewhere around may, in mountains of Belgium or Germany. The weekend features plenty of road and off-road adventures. And for the competitive riders there is usually some kind of challenge and trophy to win. Of course the most important part of the weekend is getting to know everybody in the club.

WTOS 10 km Time trial, every third Wednesday of the month the real time trail heroes gather next to the A13 highway to compete in the monthly 10 km time trial. Whether you're aiming to break the current club record at 12:43.18, or you're only competing with your personal record, you are always welcome.

WTOS La Una time trial, during the season everybody gathers in the windy surroundings of Delft. But this time the wind will be your friend in this epic 1km time trial. La Una is always held in the wind direction with a flying start giving the opportunities for average speeds of up to 61km/h.

WTOS La Duo time trial, in the middle of the season La Duo will be held. This is a time trial for couples. Here it's all about cooperating properly with your team mate on this 28km course.

WTOS La Ultimo time trial, at the end of the season everybody gets the opportunity to test their individual strength on a longer time trial. Here the 28km course that's also used for La Duo will be ridden individually. This one is mainly dominated by the hardcore cyclists because of the wild weather and strong winds during this time of the year.

WTOS club championships, to show that you're the ultimate racer or mountain biker of the club, we also organise a proper club championship every year. With a nice trophy at stake this is the place to lose everybody through superiors racing tactics. But since the championships will be held only once a year, you're not the only one trying to get to the finish line first. The championships contain a road race, a mountain bike race and a cyclocross race which is held during the winter. There is also a trophy for combined riding of the road and mountain bike race.

So do you feel like racing your bike? Or are you just looking for mates to ride with? Become a member of WTOS by filling out the form. When you register you even get your subscription fee back when you buy a set of cycling clothes. After filling out the yearly clothing form (around October), you'll receive your clothes just before the new season, around March.

If you have got a question about anything concerning WTOS, don't hesitate and contact the WTOS Board by email (bestuur@wtos.nl) or just catch us at one of the WTOS events or trainings. You can find the complete board and contact details here. It is also possible to ask any bike related question on the forum or in the specially made english board.

Best regards,

WTOS Secretaris (secretaris@wtos.nl)